The Beehive Newsletter Is Back, Baby

And better than ever.

Hey, All —

I’m sure you’ve noticed a few changes around here—like The Beehive is now a live daily show that covers news, sports, and tech. It also has incredible interviews (Ken Sanders calls Clint “Weston” for his entire interview and is a goddamn DELIGHT). Hive Mind has a new home and Meg continues to pump out great content every week, including reader–submitted stories about food and music in Utah. Eli (and Strangerville) has a gorgeous new site, and I’m happy to report he’s still watching terrible Mormon movies and completely losing his mind writing about them.

As for me and my little newsletter, we’re shifting gears too. I’ve spent months working out how to make The Beehive Newsletter represent more than me and my thoughts and recommendations, and how to make it meaningful and representative of a broader and more diverse Utah community. And I think I’ve figured it out.

The Beehive Newsletter, starting Monday, will be a community-based weekly newsletter that provides a platform for Utahns to share the stories and events that are unique and important to them. From politicians and drag queens, to artists and health-care workers, the Guest Editors will change weekly, providing diverse perspectives and overlooked stories from every corner of the state. 

Our first Guest Editor is writer and photographer (and all around rad human), Ashley Thalman. We have worked hard to put together something special for Monday—she has so many great thoughts about the relationship between art and being alone, along with damn good food and book and TV recommendations. I hope you’ll check it out and let us know what you think.

If you’re interested in being a Guest Editor for The Beehive Newsletter (it’s really fun, I promise!), email me at I’d love to help you create and share something that represents who you are and what you value. Even if it’s 100 of your favorite TikToks, I’m your girl.

Thank you, as always, for being such a kind and supportive community. I’ve missed this space and am looking forward to watching this new project grow. See you on Monday, friends.